Home Credit publishes its 2021 sustainability report

HOME Credit released its Sustainability Report on June 15 detailing the company’s progress in adhering to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles – a framework used globally to measure embedded non-financial factors. on the sustainability and ethical impact of a company or business.

The report aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and covers all of the company’s markets around the world.

“This sustainability report marks an important milestone in our journey as a responsible and inclusive company, which has ESG principles firmly embedded in its values ​​and DNA,” said Jean-Pascal Duvieusart, CEO of Home Credit Group.

The report highlights key themes and trends that impact the business, based on a materiality assessment.

The 2021 report highlights mortgage serving the underserved – 23% of customers were first-time borrowers; financial literacy — 109 million people benefited from its financial literacy initiatives in 2021; fair loans — 43% of clients are women; zero interest rate — 44% of consumer loans have no interest rate; payment holidays – 2.2 million customers have had the option of benefiting from payment holidays and deferred payments to help them better cope with the pandemic in 2021; giving back to communities – $1.3 million dedicated to direct community assistance in one of more than 50 projects in the markets; carbon footprint — 12,000 tCO2 equivalent in scopes 1 and 2; circular economy — 4.5,000 end-of-life office devices refurbished and resold or donated

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The Home Credit Sustainability Report has been prepared with reference to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

In the Philippines, Home Credit has been pioneering financial inclusion since 2013, providing access to useful, affordable and responsible financial products and services to over eight million Filipinos.

“Our mission at Home Credit is to empower every Filipino to be financially capable. Through our strong brand partnerships and community across the country, we have become a unique ally for every Filipino,” said David Minol, CEO of Home Credit Philippines.