New American brand YOURspace responds to growing home work market

YOURspace offers innovative modular office structures for organizations and individuals requiring private office space in corporate, academic and residential environments. Photo credit: Gail Herendeen Photography

On December 16, 2020, the new American brand YOURspace was launched to provide the growing home work market with additional modules desktop module options.

YOURspace desktop modules are available in 4 and 2 sided models ranging in size from 5ft x 3.5ft (17.5ft²) to 11.3ft x 8.4ft (94.92ft²). Pods can be easily installed, moved and reconfigured.

They are equipped with user-friendly features such as adjustable desks, shelving, lighting, soundproofing, ventilation and a centralized electrical panel for access to power. Customers can choose from over a dozen interior and exterior panel finishes for aesthetics or function, such as a whiteboard or display panel.

“Now more than ever, organizations and individuals are trying to balance productivity, well-being and practicality when working in socially remote group environments such as corporate offices, schools or offices. universities, as well as in homes and apartments poorly equipped for privacy. Difficult to accomplish without the right tools or kit of parts, “said David Faust, CEO of YOURspace, in a press release.” This is it. that YOURspace can help you. ”

The pods were developed in partnership with a design and manufacturing company Highmark TechSystems, one of the leading providers of innovative modular systems for interior and exterior structures and architecture. Highmark has over 20 years of experience creating structures that set up, reconfigure and take down quickly. The company has implemented its proprietary system technology into the YOURspace product line.

“YOURspace modular office solutions are an ideal use of Highmark’s proven extrusion system technology,” said Debbie Parrott, President and CEO of Highmark. “The same benefits of versatility, flexibility, customization, ease of use and maintenance that Highmark’s exhibition and event customers have enjoyed for years are now available for the workplace and home via YOURspace. “

All models, finishes, upgrades and accessories are available now via Your spacethe website of.

The YOURspace website is highly secure. If you cannot access it or prefer a telephone chat with a representative, call 260.702.9595 (US).